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Automated factories are the only battlefield where corporate strategy can fight back

We know,

When you are exhausted from the traditional process, you may want to use automation more than once,

but there are always many concerns:Because you worry that the supplier does not know your enterprise, the supplier's machine can not achieve the effect you want;

The machine cost and after-sales cost are too high, and the products produced by the machine are not qualified:

What's more, because the company has been unfamiliar with machines in the traditional manufacturing field,

it is worried that there will be no guarantee for future maintenance and updates of the machines.

All these problems contact us to solve at once.


Headquarters in Shenzhen, China

Contact person:  catherine jiang

phone number: +8618948338577

Whats app:+8618948338577

WeChat app:18529546337

Landline number: 86075523500432

mailbox:  catherine@gus-smt.com


European Office

Web: www.gus-smt.eu

Tel: +31-(0)345-745911

PrintTec B.V., De Aaldor 32, 4191 PC Geldermalsen, NL

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