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GUS was established in 2013 and is located in Shenzhen, China. It is a professional SMT equipment manufacturer. The company mainly provides SMT production line solutions and SMT equipment customization services. We have professional R&D; production; sales; after-sales teams. A strong hardware R&D team, software development team, and overall design team for electronic circuits and mechanical appearance lead the industry to ensure that our products are always in the leading position in the industry. The professional customer service team can provide customers with a full range of 24-hour technical consultation and after-sales service, so that customers have no worries. We are also a partner of JUKI and Hanwha / Samsung.


In the age of 5G, there will be great changes in these field

Compared with traditional communication technology, 5G has stronger performance, more scenes and a new ecology, which can well meet the application requirements of traditional manufacturing enterprises for wireless network in the transformation of intelligent manufacturing, and drive information technology, manufacturing technology, new material technology and new energy technology to widely penetrate into all fields of electronic manufacturing, thus leading to major technological changes in the industry.

The development status and feasible way of domestic high-end placement machine
Brand development period of domestic mounter (2008~2014) The development history of domestic placement machines: After the introduction of LED SMD lighting and light source products in 2008,...
How to choose a suitable placement head solution for advanced SMT placement machines?
When companies select advanced placement machines, the three basic requirements are high placement accuracy, fast placement speed, and high stability to ensure high-speed placement while meeting th...