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In the age of 5G, there will be great changes in these field

In the age of 5G, there will be great changes in these field

Compared with traditional communication technology, 5G has stronger performance, more scenes and a new ecology, which can well meet the application requirements of traditional manufacturing enterprises for wireless network in the transformation of intelligent manufacturing, and drive information technology, manufacturing technology, new material technology and new energy technology to widely penetrate into all fields of electronic manufacturing, thus leading to major technological changes in the industry. For example, with the support of 5G network with faster speed, lower delay, larger capacity and higher reliability, the cutting-edge applications in the field of electronic testing and measurement, such as millimeter wave, large-scale MIMO and adaptive beamforming, are expected to become reality, which will undoubtedly require greatly improving the accuracy and efficiency of electronic testing and measurement.


In the fields of automobile, mobile phone, home appliance, wearable equipment, industrial equipment and engineering equipment, 5G technology application is more comprehensive and in-depth. In the core industrial chain of communication chip, communication module, antenna, radio frequency, etc. supported by 5G technology, 5G technology will bring new vitality to these industrial manufacturing fields. For example, in SMT industry, benefiting from the increasing demand of 5g technology for high-frequency and high-speed materials, PCB is about to usher in a good situation of rising volume and price; the application of 5G base station and 5G mobile phone, including automotive electronics, will bring greater carrier, more frequency band, higher frequency band and other technologies, so that the R & D of communication components between RF front-end antenna and baseband chip will develop rapidly; and the electronic component system supported by 5G Manufacturing can make the production process more accurate, diversified and low consumption, and industries such as intelligent wear and industrial manufacturing will usher in significant benefits. It can be seen that 5G is making use of its unparalleled advantages to enable the electronic manufacturing industry to work continuously and smoothly in various scenarios, which will help the electronic manufacturing industry to improve labor conditions, reduce the manual intervention of production lines, and greatly improve the controllability of production processes.


Intelligent manufacturing is ready to launch 5G support industry to the fast lane

In addition to the electronic manufacturing industry, 5G can fully meet the needs of equipment interconnection and remote interactive applications in the industrial environment. The intelligent manufacturing field represented by Internet of things, industrial automation control, cloud robot, etc. will open a new era of extensive interconnection of everything and deep human-computer interaction in advance with the support of 5G technology.


As a key supporting technology for connecting people, machines and equipment, the Internet of things and 5G technology form a complementary relationship. The application of Internet of things relies on 5G to provide different scenarios of wireless connection solutions, and the maturity of 5G technology standards also needs the stimulation and promotion of the Internet of things. Automation control is the most basic application in the intelligent manufacturing plant. Its core system needs high-precision, low delay and high reliable system communication. Only 5G makes the closed-loop control application possible through wireless network connection.


Surprisingly, in the same period of Nepcon China, which will be held on April 24-26, the intelligent factory and automation technology exhibition will launch the “smart manufacturing DreamWorks” production line 2.0, which is the ideal production mode to fully display the dynamic production process of the interconnection of production line equipment. Complete the customized electronic product assembly order from the complete electronic product production process of on-site real-time order placement, component mounting, shell assembly and automatic testing.


In the aspect of logistics, from warehouse management to logistics distribution, we need wide coverage, deep coverage, low power consumption, large connectivity, low-cost connectivity technology and network coverage, and 5G network can meet such needs well. In the intelligent manufacturing production scenario, it is often necessary for the robot to have organization and cooperation ability to meet the flexible production, which brings the robot’s demand for cloud. 5g technology moves a large number of computing functions and data storage functions to the cloud, which can greatly reduce the cost and power consumption of the robot hardware, and deeply meet the needs of flexible manufacturing.


To be sure, 5G technology will become the key to support the transformation of Intelligent Manufacturing in the future. It can not only use multiple scenarios to connect widely distributed and scattered people, machines and equipment, and build a unified Internet, but also support the entire mobile Internet application with real-time and high reliability to help manufacturing enterprises get rid of the chaos of previous wireless network technology, which will have a positive impact on the implementation of industrial Internet and the deepening transformation of intelligent manufacturing Significance.


From the opening of Boao Forum for Asia in April 2018 to the holding of the central economic working conference at the end of the year, 5G was no surprise to become the key word of the year in the economic field. As a new generation of mobile communication technology, 5G has at least 10 times the peak speed of 4G, millisecond level transmission delay and 100 billion level connection capacity. Under its construction, the digital economy covering online and offline, consumption and production, platform and ecology will obtain greater driving force. Especially the electronic manufacturing industry, which is regarded as the “hard core” of the national economy, is in the critical period of transformation and upgrading. It needs more new technology support represented by 5G in order to obtain a new round of growth cycle and growth momentum, and bring great changes to the production mode and development mode.


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Post time: Nov-01-2020