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Affordable automatic solder paste printing press machine G-Z6

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● The control system is controlled by touch screen + PLC, and the operation process is fully automatic in and out of the board, so as to avoid large board bending and employees touching solder paste after printing;

● Communication connection signal, communication connection with patch machine of docking station, automatic access to board, improving production efficiency and quality;

●  The step motor drives the transportation, the transportation speed is adjustable, and the stability is strong;

● With the floating scraper design, the pressure of scraper can be automatically balanced, and the printing is even. No damage to steel mesh and scraper;

●  The cylinder automatically clamps the steel mesh, with fast positioning, accurate positioning and good repeatability;

● The scraper uses imported materials and high-precision etching processing, which is more durable than ordinary blades;

● combined positioning device, which can use plate edge positioning and hole positioning, with accurate and fast positioning

● Movable fixed steel mesh design, which can move freely according to different product width, and is equipped with automatic steel mesh clamping function, which makes positioning faster, more accurate and easier;

Whole machine parameters G-Z6
PCB Printing Size Maximum: 320x320mm
PCB thickness 0.4 - 5mm
Storage height  135mm (approximately 60-100 plates can be placed)
Direction of transmission L-R or R-L
Transportation speed 0-100mm / sec adjustable
Transportation load 3KG
Printing mode One time printing
Connecting machine mode SMEMA
PCB positioning mode Plate edge and hole positioning
Printing mode Single or double squeegee
Printing accuracy + 0.1mm
Machine repeat accuracy + 0.05mm
Minimum spacing 0.35mm
Use of air pressure 4-6kgf / cm2
Using power supply Single phase 220V, 50 / 60Hz, 1000W
Machine size L1500×W750×Hl550mm
Machine weight About 500kg

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