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SMT production process

SMT production process

1. screen printing: its role is to solder paste or smudge adhesive to the PCB solder pad to prepare for the welding of components. The equipment used is silk screen printing machine (screen printing machine), located at the forefront of SMT production line.

2. Glue dispensing: it drips glue to the fixed position of PCB, and its main function is to fix components to the PCB board. The equipment used is the dispensing machine, located at the front of SMT production line or behind the testing equipment.

3. Mounting: its function is to accurately install the surface assembly components to the fixed position of PCB. The equipment used is the mounter, which is located behind the screen printer in SMT production line.

4. curing: its role is to melt the adhesive, so that the surface assembly components and PCB firmly bonded together. The equipment used is curing furnace, located in the SMT production line behind the mounter.

5. Reflow welding: its function is to melt the solder paste and make the surface assembly components firmly stick together with the PCB board. The equipment used is the reflow welding furnace, located behind the SMT production line SMT mounter.

6. Cleaning: its function is to remove harmful welding residues such as flux from the assembled PCB board. The equipment used for cleaning machine, the position can not be fixed, can be online, but not online.

7. Inspection: its function is to inspect the welding quality and assembly quality of the assembled PCB. The equipment used are magnifying glass, microscope, online tester (ICT), flying needle tester, automatic optical detection (AOI), X-ray detection system, functional tester, etc. The location can be arranged in the appropriate place of the production line according to the need of inspection.

8. Repair: its function is to rework the PCB board with faults. Tools used for soldering iron, repair workstation, etc. Configuration at any location in the production line.

Post time: Nov-02-2020