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The sensor in the SMT placement machine is very important, it has a certain type

The placement machine is equivalent to an automated robot. All its actions are transmitted by sensors and then judged and operated by the main brain. Topco Industries will share with you that the placement machine has a certain type of sensor.

1. Pressure sensor

The placement machine, including various cylinders and vacuum generators, has certain requirements for air pressure. When the pressure required by the equipment is subsequently required, the machine cannot operate normally, and the pressure sensor always monitors the pressure change. Once abnormal, it will promptly alarm , To remind the operator to deal with it in time.

2. Negative pressure sensor

The suction nozzle of the placement machine sucks components by negative pressure, which consists of a negative pressure generator (jet vacuum generator) and a vacuum sensor. If the negative pressure is insufficient, the components will not be able to be sucked. When the feeder has no components or the components are stuck in the material bag and cannot be sucked up, the suction nozzle will not suck the components. These conditions will affect the normal operation of the machine. The negative pressure sensor always monitors the negative pressure changes. When the components cannot be sucked or cannot be sucked, it can promptly alarm to remind the operator to replace the feeder or check whether the suction nozzle negative pressure system is inserted.

3. Image sensor

The real-time display of the working status of the placement machine mainly adopts a CCD image sensor, which can collect various required image signals, including the position of the PCB, the size of the device, and through computer analysis and processing, the placement head can complete the adjustment and placement work.

4. Position sensor

The transmission and positioning of the printed board, including the counting of PCBs, the real-time detection of the movement of the placement head and the worktable, and the movement of the auxiliary mechanism, all have strict requirements on the position. These positions need to be realized by various forms of position sensors.

Post time: Jan-18-2021