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What should I pay attention to before using the placement machine

Many times, for the convenience of using electrical appliances, we do not follow the instructions. This will not only cause damage to the electrical appliances, but also reduce its life span. This is also the case when we use the placement machine. We must follow the instructions The required information is completed step by step. Before using the placement machine, we must make the following preparations.

One: Determine the placement task of this placement machine and organize it into files.

Two: According to the component specifications we set up in the file, determine the type and size of the component that needs to be placed, select the correct feeder feeder, and install it correctly.

3. Check whether the suction nozzle of the placement machine can be used normally, and whether the vacuum pressure inside the suction nozzle is at a normal value.

Fourth, check the PCB board we need to mount next, check its dryness, and take corresponding measures, such as baking, cleaning, etc., to ensure that the PCB board is not wet, dirty, etc. and kept clean.

Five: Turn on the servo system of the placement machine, and reset the X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis of the placement machine to zero.

Six: Properly adjust the width of the machine guide rail according to the width of the circuit board. At the same time, ensure that the PCB circuit board can move smoothly on the guide rail.

Seven: Check the current position of the placement machine’s guide rail, placement head, movement range data of placement head, suction nozzle, tray and other components.

Eight: Determine the position parameters of the placement machine, and perform the placement task in the placement machine system one-to-one correspondence.

Post time: Dec-31-2020